How To Arrange Your Table To Impress Your Guests in 2021

March 24, 2016

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When you have guest coming over for dinner, it is always a good idea to decorate your table properly. Delicious food and beverages are important, but your table presentation is crucial as well. Especially when you are trying to impress someone special.

We want to give you some tips on how to arrange your table so that your guest are enchanted from the first look.


Rule number one - the tablecloth should always be perfectly clean and ironed. Spread it evenly on all side of the table and let it fall about 6 inches from the edges. If it hangs more than that, it can interfere with the guest when they sit down or stand up. You can select special color or pattern suitable for the occasion. For instance, you can choose brighter color or even flower designs for the Easter Celebration. But be careful how you combine it with the napkins and your dishes. If you want your glassware and dishes to stand out, choose a plain white tablecloth.

A little tip: Put a thin lining cloth underneath the main tablecloth. It keeps the table top from scratches and stains and also prevents slipping of the main tablecloth. But make sure it is shorter and not visible from the sides of the table.


Always put a large, flat service plate underneath as a base plate. Place it on about 1.5 inches distance from the edge of the table in front of each guest. The purpose of this plate is to "capture" accidental drops, or pieces of food, so as not to stain the cloth. Food is never served or eater directly from the service plate. It is just a base plate for the appetizers, salad and soup.


Utensils are arranged in order of their use - that is, from outside in. So if you're ever wondering which one to use first, use that as a reference. Spoons and knives are placed to the right of the plate, forks - to the left, the smaller utensils for dessert - over the plate. Instruments are arranged perpendicular to the table, at a distance of about 1 inch from the edge of the plate, parallel to one another. Cutting part of the knife placed towards the plate. In a small plate in the upper left corner of the base, place the knife for butter.

Hint: Only set the utensils you will use. No soup - no soup spoon.


The glass for red wine (usually served with the main dish) is placed 1 inch above the top of the knife. The water glass is placed on the left side slightly higher than the wine glass. The glass for white wine is set to the right of the red wine glass, slightly below it. According to the occasion or time of the event, additional glasses can be added - champagne flutes, cognac, etc. The cup and saucer are not placed on the table until the dessert course.


For formal dinners napkins must be made of fabric. They can be folded as a triangle, a roll or in more interesting shapes. You can place the napkin on the left of the fork, inside the bowl or  decorate on top of the plate. If you have to leave, you should place your napkin on the chair. Paper napkins are used for more casual events. They can also be folded in various shapes or  placed in the middle of the table in a napkin holder.

As additional decoration to the table you can use candlesticks, vases with flowers, cards with the name of the guests, etc. If  you decide to use flowers, choose those with mild sent. Their aroma should not interfere with the flavor of the food. Do not put the bouquets in very tall vases  that might prevent visual contact between the guests.

Formal Table Setting

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