Glamorous Wedding Decoration Ideas for Your Special Day

October 24, 2018

Wedding Table Arrangements - The Crystal Wonderland

The wedding is a very special occasion in anyone’s life. Therefore, it has to be spectacular and memorable. The decoration at the wedding plays an important part in the whole celebration. Nowadays, beautiful crystal beads, garlands, and pendants are really in vogue for the decoration at any wedding. If you love the glam and glitz, use of crystal decorations is a marvelous way to add oomph to your venue.  There are countless products made of crystal that are appropriate for any wedding.  Decorations which are made using crystal not only look classy but very royal too. Crystal wedding decorations create a magical ambiance. You can add a little sparkle or a dose of glamor with crystal curtains, diamond accents, and crystal chandeliers. The possibilities are endless.

Here is the list of crystal decorations which you can choose from:

Crystal Chandeliers

It is very true that nothing can evoke style and elegance like a shining chandelier. Its luxuriousness and grandeur are unrivaled and nothing can take its place. Whether you are hunting to illuminate your wedding or an outdoor event, it makes the perfect thing for décor. You can use them as hanging candle holders, wedding trees and wishing trees, curtains and net lights, candelabras and candle trees, lights or adhesive rhinestones and diamond Ribbon Wrap.

Wishing Trees and wedding Trees

The wishing tree is an amazing wedding day custom, which was introduced by the Dutch. In place of signing a guest book, the guests at the wedding are asked to write their greetings and wishes for the married couple on wish tags. The guests then hang these tags on the beautifully decorated crystal tree using ribbons, clips, hooks or strings. These trees are available in all sizes, colors, and materials.

Crystal Valance

If you want to add instant elegance and glitter to your wedding event, use crystal valance. These are around 66 crystal garlands with 35 inches long white pole with 2 hooks attached for hanging as a curtain. The garlands are removable. When it is hung as a valance, the garlands hang 12 inches to 18 inches in length. This is made of acrylic crystal beads.

Crystal Beaded Curtains

These beaded curtains are a perfect choice for the decoration at a wedding and you will love the whole look. They look mesmerizing and sparkling like midnight rain, they comprise around 34 strands of a smoke beaded curtain on a black rod along with 2 solid hooks for easy hanging. It creates like a majestic cascade of iridescent crystals. There is an iridescent coating on the beads, which magically reflects the light using the picture-perfect facets of the smoky beads.

Crystal Candelabra on a White Pedestal

The place where you have the sitting arrangement with tables and chairs, on the tables, you can place these crystal candelabra on a white pedestal to elegantly adorns tables. The candelabra are usually 35 inches tall and 16 inches in width, with a base of 6-3/4 inches. The candle cups measure 2 inches by 3-12 inches in metallic cups. From these cups, crystal hangers fall, dangling exquisitely. The candle holder is crafted of white painted metal. They look very classy and are eye-catching.

Crystal Cupcake or Cake Stand

Crystal cake stands come with tiers, they look very beautiful and adds bling to your cake. They come in various sizes and patterns, you can choose according to your requirement and theme. You can even customize them with LED lights to add a touch of glam and glitter. Crystal cake stands are the best option for your wedding cake. 

Some crystal decorations which can be combined with other things:
· You can use a crystal pillar holder to put a small lovely bouquet
· There are mini glass urn crystal vases which can be placed on tables to add a unique touch to the whole ambiance.

Miranda Crystal Vase - The Crystal Wonderland

· You can even organize a separate unique bar station using crystal decanters for
different hard liquors and or wine

· Incorporate crystal glasses into the table decor to add a luxurious touch and extra sparkles to the venue.

· Another option is to make a champagne tower fountain from crystal champagne glasses

Crystal Champagne Tower - The Crystal Wonderland

· You can glam up a wedding arch by draping crystal garland along with flowery ones, the combination looks very elegant and exotic.

· Last, but not least you can use crystal figurines as timeless wedding favors for your guest. It is a unique gift choice showing elegance and sophistication.

Crystal Animals Figurines - The Crystal WonderlandCrystal Animals Figurines | Party Favors - The Crystal Wonderland

Crystal undoubtedly adds a luxurious touch to the weddings and other events. The crystal decorations look classic and add a modern look to the whole set up.


This article is written by Shafna Kambath, senior editor in, a leading holiday & travel portal in Dubai, UAE.
Edited by Dessi Belizarova
Pictures by Kevin Le Vu Photography



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