How To Take Great Care of Your Precious Crystal Glassware

September 15, 2016

Crystal Champagne Glasses - The Crystal Wonderland

Special things deserve special attention. Your crystal glass collection is a real treasure that can last for years if you take good care of it. The added brilliance is what makes crystal gifts and glassware so incredibly sparkling. To preserve them you need to make sure you know how to wash them properly. We have a few suggestions for you on how to clean and preserve your crystal glass items so they stay as beautiful as when you first saw them.

The best thing you can do is hand wash your crystalware.
We know it is not a pleasant chore but it is a guarantee method to keep the brilliance of the glass and prevent breakage. Use warm water and mild detergent, but try to avoid twisting or touching of different glasses. Wash only one piece of a crystal set at a time. If there is dirt or caked-on food, let it soak in the sink for about 15 minutes. Rinse with clear warm water and dry individually with a soft cloth. You can air dry your crystal items as well, but be aware that due to the water content sports might appear on the surface. Please do not leave your glasses upside down. Always place them on their stems. Otherwise, there is too much pressure put on the rim of the glass and that may cause chipping and breakage.

Frequently change the liquid content of vases and decanters to prevent staining. Fill them half-way in with warm water, add about 3 table spoons of lemon juice or white vinegar, and a cup of raw rice. Mix everything around for a couple minutes and then rinse with warm water to get rid any stains.

The Crystal Wonderland do not recommend washing your crystalware in a dishwasher machine, especially the ones that contain lead. The lead crystal is very soft and gentle form of glass and thermal shock (abrupt temperature change) and alkaline dish soap from the dishwasher could cause the lead crystal to break or corrode (become cloudy). It can also affect the brilliance of the crystal.

If you absolutely hate washing dishes by hand and want to use a dishwasher (we know it is a great invention; we like it too), please be cautious and follow these guidelines.

  • Choose a dishwasher with a gradual temperature change function that protects glassware from a dramatic rise or drop in heat. 
  • Avoid rinsing warm glassware with cold water. 
  • Check to see if you have “Fine Crystal and China” setting. If not, use the "Air-dry Only" Cycle. 
  • Make sure there is enough space for your crystalware so the items do not touch one another or do not feel pressure from the top. There are vibrations during the cycles that can cause contact and lead to chips and cracks in your crystalware.
  • Use less than the recommended amount of detergent to minimize erosion. 
  • Do not wash glassware that has metallic embossing in a dishwasher. It might cause discoloring of the print.
  • Do not use the glassware while is still warm after washing. Abrupt temperature change (especially from high to low temperatures, such as adding ice to a warm glass), may cause the glass to break. Wait until the glassware reaches room temperature.

Additional tips:

  • Avoid storing food and liquids in a crystal glass containers for extended period of time
  • Do not use crystal glass items in microwave, oven or freezer.
  • Do not stack glasses inside one another.
  • Do not leave a candle to burn within one inch of the candleholder or a naked flame to come in contact with the crystal. This may cause damage to the candleholder.































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