Handcrafted Glass Bottle Amphora

The perfect gift for wine lovers, this handcrafted glass bottle shaped as an amphora is skillfully designed by the best European glass designers. The elegant shape of the bottle is complemented by a miniature grape clustered, mount-blown inside the bottle. It can be filled with red and white wine or any two different liquors without mixing them up. It is a wonderful home decor piece that can be put on display in your home and used to store your favorite spirits.  The stability of this glass bottle is achieved with a round glass disc attached to the bottom of the bottle. The finishing touch is added by two corks, keeping the liquids and aroma intact inside the glass bottle masterpiece. Rustic and practical, this unique handcrafted glass bottle is exactly for you.

Size: 16.9 oz

12"H x 4"W x 4"L

Type: Unique Gifts

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