Aloha Glass Whiskey Decanter & 6 Tumblers

Say hello to your new favorite glass whiskey set featuring a 700ml (23.67oz) whiskey decanter and six amazing stemless glasses! This beautiful whiskey set has a dreamy twist design, making it not only a classy drinking set but also unique decor piece on display. The glass whiskey decanter beautifully displays the deep amber of your liquor in its full glory. The decanter stopper is shaped as a dazzling Hawaiian flower, adding a nice contemporary touch to the entire set. Swirl your favorite bourbon in the stout glass tumblers, the perfect size for your drink. Everyone at your party with be impressed with your Aloha glass whiskey decanter and six tumblers for every classy nightcap.

Decanter 700 ml / 23.67 oz
Tumbler 340 ml / 11.5 oz

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