Sauce Warmer with Ladle

Any sauce has the potential to be the most important part of a dish as it gives a special flavor to your meal. Letting your gravy, for example, get cold could ruin your entire meal! Get rid of this common problem with a special sauce warmer with a stainless steel ladle. Taste the toasty warm goodness of your sauce as the wonderful dinner goes one. It is not only a practical serving dish but also serves as a sophisticated decoration at your table. Made of glass that gets heated by a small replaceable tea candle on the bottom and put on a steady stainless steel frame.  Give your favorite side dishes a complimentary taste with the special sauce warmer. It comes with a stainless steel spoon as well. 

The inner dimensions of the bowl are 6"L x 6"W x 2.1"H, with the handles the bowl is about 7.6"L.

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